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Survey of WW1 remains





Terugblik op 14 jaar 11 Paatcie (1974-1988)

Not World War I at all !. The history of a forgotten unit of the Dutch army during the Cold War.


Kanonenberg-homeKanonenberg field survey of First World War remains
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Bois du Biez First World War remains

Survey of First World War remains in the Bois du Biez, near Neuve-Chapelle
(december 2012)
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Related trenchmap on Google-Earth

World War I memories and letters

The section World-War I memories of German soldiers is now renewed. About 1760 books are listed, sorted alphabetically by author’s last name.
Also in this section a literature list of collected soldier’s letters and a list of published travel experiences written by civilians visiting the front.

De militaire geografie van de Chemin des Dames

Hans Hildenbrand autochromes of the First World War

Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment Nr.247 in Lothringen (1916)

Gefechtskalender 1.Landsturm-Pionier-Kompagnie XIV.A.K.

Survey of First World War remains – Badonviller 004, 005, 006

Regimentsgefechtsstand La Boulaie image gallery

Survey of First World War remains

On-going project:
Badonviller area 006
(Reserve positions in Blamont, Harbouey, Parux, La Boulaie)

Object inventory with GPS coordinates

Content-analysis of WW1 memoirs

Memoirs, diaries and novels analysed for place-time-unit information and other significant keywords and phrases

Letters home from the front

Hans Hohmeister writes about a trench mortar attack near Balschweiler
Usually letters like these were censored. Linking the letter to the JMO of 313e Brigade and the history of Pionier-Bataillon 13 gives us a picture of what happened on february 12th and 13th 1916
Read the letter and the story behind it

Franz Seldte – Fronterlebnis: Dauerfeuer

In the second part of his First World War memoir Franz Seldte describes his life with the machine-gun company of Infanterie-Regiment 66, from the beginning of 1915 until the first day of the battle of the Somme. On this day he was badly injured and lost his arm. His regiment occupied a sector between Arras and Bapaume, near Puisieux and Achiet-le-Petit.
The content-analysis of this war memory is linked to several trenchmaps on Google Earth.





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