Medical care in the First World War – Bibliography

Books about medical care, specially nurses memoirs, published in german, english and french language

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Adams, E. R.My Travels in Foreign Lands, 1914-1918.London: Adelphia Press, 1994. 41 pp.Memoir, 1914-1918. Adams became a stretcher bearer in the R.A.M.C. in August 1914, and served on the Western Front and Salonika. His rnemoirs, written at the age of 94, are confusing and inaccurate in some parts.Great Britain: personal narrative; stretcher bearer
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AnonymousOne woman's war.New York: 1930. 295 p.personal narrative; nurses
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Appleton, EdithA nurse at the front: the first world war diaries of sister Edith AppletonSimon and Schuster, 2013, 320 p.Edith Appleton served in France for the whole of the conflict. Her diary details with compassion all the horrors of the 'war to end wars', including the first use of poison gas and the terrible cost of battles such as Ypres, but she also records what life was like for nurses and how she spent her time off-duty.Great Britain: personal narrative; nurses
Ashe, Elizabeth H.Intimate letters from France during America's first year of war.San Francisco: Philopolis Press; 1918. 122 p. [1931. 224 p.]chief nurse of children's bureau, department of civil affairs, American Red CrossUnited States: personal narrative; Red Cross
Astuto, MercedesI vivi (diario di guerra) di Mercedes Astuto, inferraiera volontaria di Croce Rossa.Roma: 1935. 103 p.Italy: personal narrative;
Atherton, Gertrude Franklin HornLife in the war zone.New York: New York Times [Le bienetre du blessé]; 1916. 24 p. : personal narrative;
Atkinson, DianeElsie and Mairi Go to War: Two Extraordinary Women on the Western FrontArrow; 2010. 288 p.Elsie Knocker was a thirty year-old motorcycling divorcee dressed in bottle-green Dunhill leathers, and Mairi Chisholm was a brilliant eighteen-year old mechanic. In 1914, they roared off to London 'to do their bit', and within a month they were in the thick of things in Belgium driving ambulances to distant military hospitals. They set up their own first-aid post on the front line in the village of Pervyse, near Ypres. As news of their courage and expertise spread, the 'Angels of Pervyse' became celebrities, visited by journalists and photographers as well as royals and VIPs.Great Britain: ; nurses, ambulance, first-aid post
Avenell, Edith Florence "Queenie" Queenie. Letters from an Australian Army Nurse, 1915-1917Gumleaf Press, 2017Edith Florence "Queenie" Avenell was twenty-five years old when she enlisted in the Australian Army Nursing Service the day after the Australian and New Zealand forces stormed the beaches of Turkey on that first Anzac Day in 1915.Australia: personal narrative; nurses
B.H.B.War ConditionsThe American Journal of Nursing volume 18, No.2 (Nov.1917) p. 147-148United States: ; nurses
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Barber, Margaret H.A British Nurse in Bolshevik Russia.London: A.C. Fifield, 1920. 64pp.Memoir/diary, April 1916-December 1919. Barber served as a Red Cross nurse in Moscow, Petrograd and the Caucasus. In her memoir she is less concerned with documentingwhat she experienced than she is with proving that the Bolsheviks were a friendly crowd who committed no atrocities.Great Britain: personal narrative; nurses
Barbier, FrançoisLes navires-hôpitaux et la guerre de 1914-1918,Pedone, 1919.France: ; hospital ship
Barclay, F.L.G.In hoc vince: the story of a Red Cross FlagPutnam, 1915: personal narrative;
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Barras, LouisSouvenirs d’un médecin sur la plus grande guerre. Essais psycho­physiologiques.Maloine, 1926Médecin aide-major dans une unité d'artillerie au début de la guerre, il assiste à la bataille de Morhange et à la retraite. Fin 1915, il est relevé du front et affecté à l'Hôpital complémentaire n°11. Son récit porte essentiellement sur les premières semaines de la guerre.France: personal narrative; doctor
Barth, R.Aus dem Heldenleben einer Diakonisse: für das Vaterland gestorben. Schwester Sophie Holzer, gest. in Brest-Litowsk 22. X. 1915.W. 1915. Lämmle & Müllerschön.(31 S.)Germany: personal narrative; nurses
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Baudin, GeorgesBrancardier rur le front: Carnets de guerre 1914-1919La maison du moulin 2015, 570 p.Brancardier sur le front nous livre un témoignage vibrant. Marie Claude Pintiau Patrois a retranscrit puis réécrit les mémoires de guerre de son grand-père Georges Baudin.France: personal narrative; stretcher-bearer
Baumann, FelixDer Fall Edith Cavell1933Germany: ;
Bayly, H.W.Triple challenge; or, War, whirligigs and windmills, a doctor's memoirsLondon, Hutchinson, 1935: personal narrative; doctor
Bayly, Hugh WonseyTriple Challenge : or War, Whirligigs and Windmills. A Doctor's Memoir of the Years 1914-1929.London: Hutchinson, 1935. 396 p., illustrated.Bayly served in 1914 on HMS Princess Royal and then became Medical Officer of the 2nd Guards Brigade.Great Britain: personal narrative; doctor
Bayne, J.Breckenridge. Bugs and Bullets: A Doctor's Story.New York: Richard R. Smith, 1944. 256pp., illustrated.Memoir, August 1916- summer 1919. Author was a Maryland doctor who volunteered for service with the Allies and ended up in Bucharest, Romania, in November 1916, serving as a surgeon with a British hospital unit. When his British colleagues evacuated the city before the Germans captured it. Bayne elected to remain behind, and singlehandedly ran makeshift hospitals under the worst of conditions. Unusually detailed descriptions of wounds, illnesses, and operations.United States: personal narrative; doctor
Beadnell, C. MarshA Naval Medical Officer’s impressions of a visit to the TrenchesBale & Danielssohn, 1917: personal narrative; doctor
Beal, Howard W.The Letters of Major Howard W. Beal, Headquarters, First Division , Medical Department, Killed in Action July 18, 1918.Paris: J.R.E. Guild 1926. 74 p.Letters, July 1917-July 1918. Beal, a surgeon with the 1st Division, was killed by an aerial bomb. His letters to his wife, written mostly from Field Hospital 13 and the 6th Field Artillery, are of moderate interestUnited States: personal narrative;
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Bessières, Albert (abbé)Le Train rouge. Deux ans en train sanitaireBeauchesne; 1917Né le 2 février 1877, l'auteur est prêtre et professeur en Belgique à la déclaration de guerre. Le 6 août 1914, il est affecté à un train sanitaire. Le 20, il fait son premier voyage au front. Il demeure dans cette unité jusqu'au 23 novembre 1916, date à laquelle elle est supprimée.France: personal narrative; medical service, stretcher-bearer
Bessières, Albert (abbé)Le Chemin des DamesBloud & Gay, 1918L'auteur est prêtre et professeur en Belgique à la déclaration de guerre. Le 6 août 1914, il est affecté à un train sanitaire. Il y demeure plus de deux ans. Il rejoint ensuite un hôpital, avant d'être versé en juillet 1917 au GBD de la 130e DI. En novembre, il passera à la 1ère division de cavalerie à pied, avant de devenir aumônier.France: personal narrative; stretcher-bearer
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